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‘Abdu’l-Bahá says, “Of all the gifts of God the greatest is the gift of Teaching.” However, skill in teaching the Faith is not inborn. Shoghi Effendi explains, “The Bahá’í youth must be taught how to teach the Cause of God”, while the House of Justice notes the importance of all believers developing “necessary skills to effectively teach the Faith”.

Exir Publishing is delighted to share that A Privilege So Priceless: Becoming a Better Teacher of the Bahá’í Faith and Responding: 101 Questions Often Asked of Bahá’ís are now available in 3rd editions as digital eBooks. For several years these companion volumes by Dale W. Eng have assisted Bahá’ís, young and older, new and veteran, to become better teachers of the Cause by examining important Bahá’í guidelines that help believers become more aware of the many needs of those we hope to teach, and to also learn effective methods of responding to their questions.

» A Privilege So Priceless is a seeker-focused treasury of Sacred and Authoritative guidance on teaching. With nearly 1,000 references highlighting advice and guidelines from the Central Figures, the Guardian, and the Universal House of Justice on various important aspects of sharing the Faith with others, the book has been described as a “Lights of Guidance” for teachers of the Cause.
       Topics covered in A Privilege So Priceless especially complement the basics on teaching covered in Ruhi books 2 & 6, helping readers to better attract seekers and to wisely respond to their questions in “meaningful and distinctive conversations”. Among aspects of teaching included are reflections on preparing to teach, the necessity for wisdom and cultural considerations, key psychological factors, reliance on Divine Assistance, the need for audacity, and the significance of the institute process. A special chapter covers the unique role and responsibilities of youth in teaching the Faith.

» Responding is a wonderful reference tool (1,200+ pages including index) which provides sample responses, informative supporting footnotes, and guidance from the Teachings that help readers answer a wide range of common and challenging questions. For personal study and deepening classes, it includes thousands of references (expanded in the digital edition to 2,200+ selections gleaned from 150+ Bahá’í sources) organized by subject in convenient “mini-compilations” after each question).
       Ordering several copies of Responding, one believer, distinguished for decades of international service to the Cause, wrote:  “My children will now have at their disposal the best possible resource book that I am aware of to meet the many challenging questions that come up at firesides and small group meetings, and even one-on-one talks with their friends. Many, many thanks…for [this] superb example of devoted scholarship to meet the…needs of teaching the Faith of Bahá’u’lláh.”


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